Hat Patch Care

We've tested our Can Patch Hats under normal wear, and they've held up great!  This isn't your average Leather hat patch being we've added a real aluminum can to it, so a little extra care is needed.  

Aluminum is flexible, but even aluminum has a point of no return.  The aluminum patch will bend or flex under normal wear but will creese if bent too far.  Gently shape it back to the natural curve of the hat if needed.  

Over time you may notice blemishes like dents or scratches, but we like to say that just adds character.  

The can patches can get wet.  If so, we recommend letting them air dry.  The adhesive between the leatherette and aluminum can may weaken over time if it gets wet frequently.  

The adhesive between the leatherette and aluminum can may also weaken and lift if the edges of the leatherette are picked at or flexed much or too far.  

To clean the patch, we recommend lightly rubbing leatherette with soft cloth and water and pat dry with towel and let air dry.  

NOTICE: We are not responsible for any mishandling of your hats or the cleaning method we suggested.  The cleaning method is not 100% guaranteed to work.  Our hats are also not meant to be submerged, washed in a machine, or cleaned with chemicals and scrub brush.